Hailing from Somo Beach in Spain, Violeta inherited her love of the ocean from her surfer parents at the age of five when she received her first official lesson in the waves. Now a Team O’Neill surfer and a WSL regular, she’s still the happiest when near the ocean. Violeta puts her tenacious energy into pushing her performance even further and inspiring women to surf.

How did you get into surf?

I come from a surfer family. Like the rest of the family, my parents have been surfing since they were young. They took me surfing with them when I was just five years old, and since then, I've been hooked. I love competing and free surfing and am grateful to have achieved my goal of being a professional surfer. It's been my dream since I was a kid.

What do the words Women of the Wave mean to you?

Years back, when I was super young and started competing, there were mostly boys in the line-up, with only a few girls. Surfing was almost a boy's sport, and I am happy that women are starting to get into it. When I hear the words Women Of The Wave, an image of a fierce and brave woman comes to mind, a woman who believes in herself and wants to practice surfing, knowing that she can get into the water with powerful waves.

What are the three things that you love about surfing?

Surfing brings me happiness. It has allowed me to discover amazing places across the globe and incredible people who have inspired me a lot. Also, not less importantly, surfing has brought me a healthy lifestyle— training, surfing and eating healthy.

Who is your surf inspiration?

My mom :)

What would be your advice to a rookie surfer/ someone who starts out in surf? 

Surfing is a sport that requires a lot of practice to obtain a certain level. My advice is not to give up at the beginning, even if you find it hard. Just keep practising until you feel comfortable. Going to the peak and taking the waves alone without help gives you the best feeling ever, and you feel truly complete.

What barriers did you experience in surfing? 

The city I am from is called Santander, located in the north of Spain. During summertime, it is packed with surfers. But in the winter, the waves are huge, and the water gets icy. Usually, I'm the only girl out there surfing. It's difficult for me not to be supported and surrounded by other women in the water.

How do you think these barriers could be overcome?

Empowering women to get into surfing. Little by little, I start noticing more women in the water, and soon, I won't be alone anymore.

What is your proudest moment that you remember in surfing? 

By the age of 14, I was training and competing really hard. That year, I became the Spanish Surfing Junior Champion. I could have never imagined achieving that, and it felt truly good.

What changes has surfing brought into your life?

I invested a lot in surfing, both financially and personally— sacrifices like being away and unable to spend much time with my friends and family at home. But as I always say, everything you fight for in life has its own price, and it also feels thrilling to put a lot of effort into something and then achieve your goals. So what surfing brought into my life is a discipline in everything I do and get involved in.

Also, the way I live my life, as I have the incredible opportunity to travel all over the world all year long and without surfing, this wouldn't be possible.

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