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Are you looking for a new winter sports jacket? You will find the perfect one in our collection. With our warm men’s ski jackets, you will enjoy the beautiful snowy slopes to the fullest. We have plenty of different snow jackets for men. All in trendy colours and different styles. Find your perfect winter jacket and enjoy your winter sports holiday in style. To complete the look, check out our range of ski pants and ski equipment, such as a helmet or a cap

Men’s ski jackets in different sizes

O’Neill men’s ski jackets are available from size XS to size XXL. And one thing is certain, with a ski jacket from our collection, you are guaranteed to stay nice and warm on the slopes. When purchasing a new winter sports jacket, there are a number of things to consider: what kind of fit do you prefer? How flexible do you want your ski jacket to be? Does it need to be waterproof? And what about the air permeability? To provide you with all the comfort you need, you can choose from various types of ski jackets. Do you want a long ski jacket? View our parka jackets for men. With our long ski jackets, your backside is covered and less likely to become wet in the snow. A short ski jacket, on the other hand, is convenient for a range of conditions on and off the mountain.

Don't know what size ski jacket you need? Look at our size chart and find out!

O'Neill Ski jacket size (EU/UK)

Chest (cm)

Waist (cm)

Men ski jacket size XS



Men ski jacket size S



Men ski jacket size M



Men ski jacket size L



Men ski jacket size XL



Men ski jacket size XXL



What is the best way to measure your body?

To find the right size ski jacket, it is important that you know the measurements of your chest and waist.

Chest: Keep your arms next to your body and measure the fullest part of your chest

Waist: Measure from your waist, start at the front and measure around the back until you get to the starting point.

A ski coat suitable for all weather conditions

The weather changes continuously. So if you spend a day on the slopes, you want to be sure that you have the right kind of winter jacket. All of our jackets can withstand various types of weather conditions. Each of our ski jackets is equipped with the best technical features, including a 10k/10k water column, a snow gaiter so that the snow can’t creep in when you fall, and ergonomically curved seams that follow the contours of your body. Are you very active when you are outside? Then a softshell jacket is the perfect choice for you. This material is very breathable and wind resistant. But, most importantly, it ensures that you have enough freedom of movement. So if you are looking for a men’s softshell winter jacket: O’Neill is the place to be! If you want more comfort and warmth, we advise you to wear an extra layer of fleece clothing under your jacket.

Gore-tex snow jackets

At O’Neill, we have a wide collection of gore-tex ski jackets for men. Gore-tex is a strong and durable material with great breathability. But most important of all: it is 100% waterproof. This makes gore-tex the perfect material for ski jackets. It allows you to move actively in your jacket without overheating or hypothermia. Choose your favourite colour and design, and race down the slopes in style. Good to know: our Gore-Tex jackets are easy to combine with a men’s fleece sweater. This means you are fully protected against weather and cold.

Jackets with Recco technology

Apart from a stylish look, safety while skiing or snowboarding is utmost important. To ensure your safety, we have provided all jackets from our men’s ski jacket collection with Recco technology. If something happens during your winter sport adventures, for example an avalanche you end up in, you can be found via the chip in your ski jacket. The associated detector sends out a signal. When the signal is picked up, your location is passed on.

Popular colours

With our ski and snowboard jackets for men, you will look very stylish on the slopes. Shop your new winter sports jacket now. Our jackets are designed according to the latest trends, cool styles and they have various colours. Are you a fan of the basic look? A black ski jacket jacket for you. Would you rather ski down the slopes in a remarkable outfit? Choose an red ski jacket, a cool camouflage print or a neon-coloured design!

O’Neill blue

At O’Neill we do not only make great ski and snowboard pants, we are also committed to charities. We are particularly committed to protect the ocean for future generations. One of our initiatives is a sustainable collection called O’Neill Blue. This collection is made from recycled materials such as recycled yarn, organic cotton and recycled nylon. At least 40% of the materials in these designs are sustainable. But our goal is to have all of our clothing covered by the O’Neill Blue label by 2025. This is our way of contributing to a better world.

Purchasing a ski or snowboard jacket at O’Neill

You can purchase the perfect men’s ski jacket at O’Neill. Our high-quality winter sports jackets are not only breathable and waterproof, but they also provide sufficient warmth so that you can enjoy your ski or snowboard adventures without any worries. Choose your favourite jacket and order now! Do you have any questions? You will find your answers in our help centre.

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