Wetsuits for women 4/3mm thick

Wetsuits for temperatures between 8℃ and 11℃

Discover the perfect wetsuits for women with a thickness of 4/3mm, designed by O'Neill. These specific wetsuits are ideal for water temperatures between 8℃ and 11℃.

4/3mm wetsuits for comfort and functionality

O'Neill's 4/3mm wetsuits for women are designed to provide comfort and functionality during all your water adventures. The 4mm thickness on the torso provides excellent insulation to keep you warm in cooler waters. The 3mm thickness on the arms and legs offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to move easily and perform all maneuvers in the water.

High-quality women's wetsuits from O'Neill

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and O'Neill's innovative technology, these wetsuits are of top-notch quality. They not only provide protection against the cold but also against abrasive surfaces and the sun. With the 4/3 women's wetsuits, you'll be ready for any surfing, wakeboarding, or water sports activity, even in lower temperatures. Trust O'Neill for comfort, style, and reliability during all your water adventures.

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