Wetsuits for men 2mm thick

Wetsuits for water temperatures between 18℃ and 20℃

Discover the perfect balance of comfort and protection with O'Neill men's 2/2mm wetsuits. These wetsuits are ideal for summer conditions and water temperatures ranging from 18℃ to 20℃. With the right gear, you can fully enjoy your water sports activities, and O'Neill's 2/2mm wetsuits provide the ideal solution.

Wetsuits for warm water

These men's wetsuits are made from high-quality neoprene, offering an optimal combination of flexibility and thermal protection. With a thickness of 2/2mm, they are lightweight and provide sufficient warmth without overheating in warmer waters. Whether you're surfing or swimming these wetsuits are designed to keep you comfortable and unrestricted, allowing you to make the most of your summer adventures.

Men's wetsuits perfect for summer

With O'Neill's 2/2mm men's wetsuits, you're ready for the summer waters. These wetsuits provide the right level of protection without compromising flexibility, and O'Neill has the perfect option for you. Trust O'Neill to provide you with high-quality wetsuits specifically designed for men. Choose comfort and performance, choose O'Neill's 2/2mm men's wetsuits.

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