Tough, entirely recycled fabric with water repellency and a roll top closure which allows the main compartment to be water and air tight. A fully waterproof bottom, padded shoulder straps and an adjustable chest strap, the SUP Bag can hold your belongings safe and dry while you set out on a mission with your board.


100% Recycled Polyester


Technical Features

Adjustable Chest Strap

Adjustable chest strap on the pack which can be tighted or loosened to fit the wearer's size and activity.

Gooper Pocket

This innovative pocket closure system means you can have fun up to 30 meters under water and still be sure your valuables are dry.

Top Loader

Pack can be loaded from the top.

Waterproof Coated Bottom

A waterproof coated underside ensures that your goodies don't get wet in case you put your bag on the ground in the rain or snow.
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